August 2017 Sustainable Development

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Improving global integration of crop research

by M.P. Reynolds, H.J. Braun, A.J. Cavalieri, etc.

Source: Science, 28 July

International collaboration in agriculture research could evolve into a Global Crop Improvement Network (GCIN), that could allow a better leverage of global expertise and technologies and revolutionize the way of understanding crop responses to environments globally.

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Forget that big iceberg-A smaller one in the Arctic is more troubling

by Scott Waldmann

Source:, 31 July


An iceberg split off from the Petermann Glacier in the Arctic region is a worrying sign of climate change, related to the global sea-level rise. A crack at the center of Petermann’s shelf lets foreshadow a more rapid disintegration of Arctic ice reserve.

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Investing for the common good: a sustainable finance framework

by Dirk Schoenmaker



Finance plays an important role in allocating investment to sustainable companies, exerting a power of influence over their strategic decisions, and anticipating the social and environmental preferences of citizens, that governments should translate into appropriate policies.

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Ancien directeur de Bercy Village, Jean-Jacques Fasquel est devenu expert dans l’art de transformer les déchets en engrais

by Pascale Krémer

Source: Le Monde, 30 July



The compositor of refuse in France is a new professional figure, trained by the Agency for the Environment, who transforms kitchen organic waste in soil: a precious fertilizer that nourishes the ground, practically useful to reducing refuse, and changing the way of living.

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Crystal that turns air to fuel will fight global warming

by Ian Johnston

Source: The Independent, 29 July


Researchers have developed a spongy crystal that converts carbon dioxide extracted from the air in pure carbon monoxide, which can be turned into fuel. An ingenious way to reduce the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere while producing a useful source of energy.

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