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Digital literacy will probably be the only kind of literacy there is.

by Marilyn Achiron

Source: 27 July

We live in a post-truth age, where the value of truth is declined. The Internet is the great text which we use to know the world. Anonymity and physical distance of online-writers enable to lie more easily. Children should be taught very early how to read this world, since literacy will be in the future only digital.

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Study finds European resistance to teaching in English

by David Matthews

Source: Times Higher Education, 29 July

European universities are facing language dilemmas. As courses programmes are shifting to English to attract international students and to climb international rankings, in Germany some fear a decline in the scholarship in the German language, claiming the mother language importance in learning and teaching academic discourse.

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Don’t run biomedical science as a business

by Michele Pagano

Source: Nature, 25 July


Adequate funding helps science, but the businessization of science doesn’t boost excellence and enhances a quantity approach. Directing their work into the criteria of eligibility for grants undermines the freedom of research that allows unexpected progress to happen in science.

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Un GPS qui cible le cancer testé en Suisse

by Florence Rosier

Source: Le Temps, 27 July

The Nobel Prize in Medicine Françoise Barré-Sinoussi talks about the new convergences of research on cancer and AIDS, and denounces the deficiency of current knowledge on vaccines, considering that the research for a vaccine against HIV is still without an end.

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Government cuts 40% of state-funded university places

by Eugene Vorotnikov

Source:, 13 July


500 scientists will be laid off from Russian universities in early 2018 and the number of students studying at Russian universities is expected to fall to a ratio below 120 students per 10.000 people after the government cuts to higher education due to the financial crisis and the Western sanctions.

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