With the financial support of the European Commission's Erasmus Mundus programme, the BE MUNDUS project grants scholarships to Brazilian and European students, researchers, and staff members to participate in a mobility programme or take a full degree in some of the best universities in Europe and Brazil. Scholarships are available to undergraduate students in the fields of Engineering & Technology and Education & Teacher Training, as well as for doctorates, post-doctorates, and staff in the field of Engineering & Technology. Administrative staff can also apply. Scholarships include a monthly allowance, travel, insurance and tuition fee waiver.
Nb: No scholarships are available for Masters students and/or students studying in fields other than Engineering & Technology and Education & Teacher Training.

General objectives:
The main objective of the BE MUNDUS project is to foster inter-institutional cooperation between European and Brazilian higher education institutions (HEI) and make the EU a privileged region for Brazilian cooperation. In particular BE MUNDUS will contribute to the following objectives and results:

Foster internationalization and quality of undergraduate studies in Brazil
Increase EU-Brazil joint research programmes, so as to enhance skills and qualifications of Brazilian students while opening up new opportunities for the European market.
Build capacity among International Officers within Brazilian HEI and thereby contribute to a more homogenous internationalization across the country.
Foster mutual understanding of EU and Brazil's respective higher education and research systems and priorities, so as to increase recognition of studies and degrees between the two regions.
Promote equal opportunities in higher education by ensuring an inclusive participation in the project.

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