TECHNO II - Engineering, Technology, Health, Education and Research Exchanges

TECHNO II is an extension of TECHNO network designed for Health Sciences and related technologies and engineering.

The main objective of TECHNO II is to promote the mobility of students and staffs from group A countries to share knowledge with the most relevant EU Universities in the domain of technological studies. In fact, during the first call of TECHNO I, more than half of the candidates are from group A countries, testifying the needs of these countries.

The TECHNO II consortium includes 20 partners, 13 from Asia and 7 from EU and was developped in order to be adequately fited to objectives.

The EU partners come from 7 different countries, from the South (Spain) to the North (Belgium) and from the West (UK) to the East (Romania).

All EU partners have a good experience by contributing to their experiences on Erasmus Mundus projects.
Two of the EU partners are not involved in TECHNO I (Romania and Belgium), both bringing more competences in TECHNO II in Health Sciences (Human and Animal) and Biotechnologies.
From Asia, 8 partners come from 4 countries of group A (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Mongolia) and 5 members from group B countries (China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia).
Only 5 of them which are the most relevant partners of TECHNO I are invited to participate to TECHNO II. The map in Figure 1 below shows that the locations of all the cities of the TECHNO partners are widely distributed; this in order to promote the local diffusion of effective skills. Asian consortium members have relevant experiences with European cooperation's and EU projects, notably under the Erasmus Mundus Programme.

For the Asian partners, the expected outcomes are the following :

1. Staffs will improve their administrative and academic skills and develop their field of activity and research programmes. Thus, the project is essentially concerned with institutional development,

though with elements of curriculum and human resources development.

2. For students (Undergraduate, Master, PhD) and Post-Docs who will benefit from several months in Europe.

For both targeted groups, the added value of this programme is the following:

to promote a close, collaborative relationship with several leading European universities in a number of academic disciplines at a variety of levels (undergraduate, Master, PhD, Post-doc and Staffs);
to transfer good practices to implement ECTS and Bologna Process in their university ;
3- to develop curricula under the point of view of Engineering and Technology (Applied Sciences) in the faculties areas of Agriculture, Engineering, Medical Sciences and Natural Sciences;

  • to provide universities with developed advanced methods of teaching and learning with global results;
  • to develop the expertise of relatively inexperienced advisors' and supervisors' through exposure to international practices, especially for the group-A countries;
  • to propagate international methods for recognition of studies and diplomas;
  • to promote collaborative avenues of research to experienced and new researchers.

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The second call for mobility is already open for all target groups (TG1, TG2 and TG3). The application is started from the 8th of April of 2013 until the 25th of August of 2013.