Medical Biotechnology

Master Degree - School: Medicine and Surgery - Access type: Restricted number of available places

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: LM-9
o Course type: Master Degree
o Duration: 2 years
o Access type: Restricted number of available places
o School: Medicine and Surgery
o Department: Experimental Medicine and Surgery
o Course code: K78

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree offers theoretical and practical training in the most common biotechnological applications in medicine, as well as economic and legal aspects of biotechnology activities. Students in the first year acquire theoretical knowledge and skills to be applied in practice during the second year at laboratories within the School of Medicine and the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.
Graduates in Medical Biotechnology master biochemical, genetic, cellular and physiopathological aspects of the human body and the main methods characterising molecular and cellular biotechnology. They can identify human diseases in which biotechnological intervention is possible for the application of diagnostic strategies too - in accordance with graduates in Medicine and Surgery - and the design of therapeutic interventions. They master bio-informatics methods to organise, build up and access databases focussing on genomics and proteomics. In addition to national and European Union rules relating to bioethics, patent processes and biotechnology safety standards, they know the main concepts related to economics, business organisation and management, company start-up and management of innovation projects. Furthermore, they gain expertise in biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and vaccines from an industrial production viewpoint too.
This curriculum includes an experimental dissertation to be drafted during at least one full semester. Moreover, this Degree is enhanced by activities to be chosen by students and fit for professional training as medical biotechnologist. From next September second-year students will be offered short-term internships (duration: some weeks) in some fields (medically assisted fertilisation, regenerative medicine and prenatal diagnosis) in order to provide practical experience to be later used in the workplace. For each subject the faculty provides specific vocabulary in English as well as written and oral exercises.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Medical Biotechnology have high-level expertise in programming and in scientific, technical and productive development of applied biotechnology in human and animal health. They can therefore perform high-responsibility tasks as medical support in research facilities, clinics and biotechnological industries. They can also: manage biotechnological and pharmacological laboratories - both public and private; coordinate development programmes as well as surveillance programmes to be applied in human health at management and admin level.
Their main employment opportunities are in: diagnostic; reproduction and endocrinology (including transgenic animals, molecular probes, cell systems, bioartificial tissues and cell systems producing biologically active molecules and further advanced bio-sanitary techniques); bioengineering with special reference to the use of biomaterials or engineered tissues and organs; biomedical testing; therapeutic testing focussing on the development and testing of innovative drug products (including gene therapy and cell therapy) to be applied in human pathology.

Web References and Contacts

Degree Coordinator: Professor Mario Lo Bello
Department of Biology
Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1
00133 Rome

Degree Didactic secretariat:
Tel. +39 0672594375