Pure and Applied Mathematics

Master Degree - School: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences - Access type: Open with curriculum evaluation

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: LM–40 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: Master Degree
o Duration: 2 years
o Access type: Open with curriculum evaluation
o School: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences
o Department: Mathematics
o Course code: J66

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree aims at developing advanced skills and knowledge in different fields of Mathematics, providing students with extensive deepening as far as theoretical aspects and applications are concerned.
Students can follow differentiated training paths in order to integrate and complete their personal Mathematics education. However, every context provides its own methodological aspects to ensure thorough subject understanding and all capabilities needed to constantly upgrade the acquired skills. In order to increase students' autonomy and to structure curricula matching the needs of a rapidly changing society, classes can be chosen in a very flexible way.
In the beginning, such training is characterised by classes designed to provide a broad and coherent framework in terms of advanced issues regarding key disciplines (Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Mathematical Physics, Numerical Analysis, Probability). Subsequently, some specialised courses are offered to match specific interests developed by students and to assist them while drafting their final dissertation, which has a critical value in terms of graduation.
In addition to thorough knowledge of disciplinary and methodological aspects of Mathematics, graduates must be able to express their knowledge in professional contexts at both specific and interdisciplinary levels. Students are stimulated to read mathematical literature, also as far as research is concerned. They can hence hone their individual skills and autonomously consult texts or draft bibliographies both in Italian and English. The drafting of a final dissertation is, inter alia, a review of the acquisition of such skills and of the mastery of the usual techniques in mathematical scientific communication.

Career Opportunities

Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired, e.g. flexible mindset and experience in analysis and problem solving, graduates in Pure and Applied Mathematics enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities.
The most suitable sectors are those in which Mathematics plays a key role from an applicative or theoretical viewpoint, or is at least a clearly related field such as: model processing and analysis to support industrial and financial processes; statistical data analysis; scientific culture dissemination; introduction to pure and applied research in a PhD programme; Informatics and Telematics.
Graduates can also teach in schools after completing their teaching qualification and winning the national competitions according to regulations in force. Furthermore, if a Master Degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics follows a Bachelor's Degree in a related discipline graduates can promptly find an occupation in different professional or study fields.

Web References and Contacts
Website: http://www.mat.uniroma2.it/didattica/magistrale.php

Professor Stefano Trapani
E-mail: trapani@mat.uniroma2.it

Didactic secretariat:
Ms Laura Filippetti (Department of Mathematics)
Tel.: +39 06 7259.4839
e-mail: filippet@mat.uniroma2.it