Bachelor's Degree - School: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences - Access type: Restricted number of available places

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General Information

o Class: L–2 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: Bachelor's Degree
o Duration: 3 years
o Access type: Restricted number of available places
o School: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences
o Department: Biology
o Course code: Q67

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree aims at training scientific workers with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in different Biotechnology areas. Knowledge of standards, ethics and bioethics issues join with solid training in basic aspects of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Animal and Plant Cellular Biology, Animal and Plant Molecular Biology, Genetics, General Physiology, Plant Physiology and Microbiology.
Classes include activities designed to acquire essential knowledge on biological system structures and functions from cellular to organism level, as well as skills and basic techniques in different Industrial Biotechnology fields. Particular attention is given to multidisciplinary approaches which characterise its technological “high-throughput” platforms. Students also develop appropriate skills and tools in information communication and management, as well as team-work skills with good operational and decision-making autonomy.
This Degree includes traineeship activities for 150 hours (6 ECTS) which can be carried out in the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences laboratories or within consortia. Experiences at European university research laboratories under the ERASMUS programme are always favoured.

Career Opportunities

A Degree in Biotechnology aims at training graduates capable of professionally operating
within large and small pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology companies,
public and private research institutions and public and private service companies, in different
Biotechnology areas such as agri-food, environment, pharmaceuticals, industrial, medical and veterinary, as well as in the field of scientific communication.
A Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology enables graduates to enter the National Order of Biologists and the National Order of Agrotechnicians and Graduate Agrotechnicians.

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