Hystory And Sources Studies, Curriculum In European History

Complutense University of Madrid; Tallinn University; Paris Diderot University; Roma Tre University; University College Dublin; Humboldt Berlin University; Vienna University; Belgrade University; Sarajevo University.

Multiple Degree with UNICA – Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe
Master Degree – English taught

Full Members Universities
Paris Diderot University – France https://universite.univ-paris-diderot.fr/

Roma Tre University – Italy http://www.uniroma3.it/index.php

University College Dublin – Ireland http://www.ucd.ie/

Humboldt Berlin University – Germany https://www.hu-berlin.de/en

Associated Members
Complutense University of Madrid – Spain  https://www.ucm.es/english

Tallinn University - Estonia https://www.tlu.ee/en

Vienna University - Austria https://www.univie.ac.at/en/

Belgrade University – Serbia http://www.bg.ac.rs/en/

Sarajevo University – Bosnia and Herzegovina  http://unsa.ba/s/index.php?lang=english

Description:  Graduates of the MEH will be awarded the title “Master of Arts" (M.A.) with, if possible, the specification “M.A. in European History" and equivalent titles in national languages and according to the regulations of relevant national legislation and university practice with a common certificate by the partner universities the student studied at. The relevant documents will be issued in the national language of the home university and in English.

The awarding institutions are the first year (home) university Full member and the host university/universities of an individual student. The awarding Full member institutions will award a joint degree,      while the associated members of the Consortium will provide Diploma supplements or transcripts of records   for the period of studies at their                university. The  graduation documents will be issued by               the first year (home) university of an individual student on behalf of the host university/universities of an           individual student.

Structure of the programme: In general, the Parties agree that the student workload regarding the joint MEH shall comprise 120 ECTS credits. This corresponds to a regular (minimum) duration of the equivalent study programme of four semesters/ two years.

Eligibility criteria:  Students will be required to take classes from at least two Parties; they may take between 30 and 60 ECTS credits at one or two Parties in addition to their home university.

At the host university/ies no university tuition fees have to be paid. Additional local semester fees (local administration, Student Union, transport, visa etc.) have to be paid where necessary. The additional local fees will be made known to applicants and students well in advance.

All students are required to complete a Master's thesis. The Parties will ensure that students may successfully complete their Master's thesis within 4-6 months, in general in the 4th semester.

The topic of the Master's thesis has to be specified within the scope of the MEH. lt has to be a study about historical processes in Europe. The Master's thesis must be written in English. The workload is 30 ECTS credits. The Master's thesis has to be graded by two referees of two different Parties, if this is in accordance with national law. Students have to defend the thesis.


Selection and access: All students must apply and register for the programme through their home university or home department. In addition, formal registration and course enrolment is required at those participating university/ies where students attend for at least one semester (host university/ies).

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Coordinator: Professor Daniela Felisini

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