Bachelor's Degree - School: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences - Access type: Open with entry skills test

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: L-27
o Course type: Bachelor's Degree
o Duration: 3 years
o Access type: Open with entry skills test
o School: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences
o Department: Chemical Science and Technology
o Course code: H05

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree offers solid basic training in key Chemistry subjects (Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry), which translate into corresponding importance in terms of ECTS. About 30% of such ECTS is gained through laboratory activities in order to provide students with all necessary practical knowledge and skills.
Particular attention is devoted to physical-mathematical training to enable students to understand the logical foundations of modern chemical theories and appreciate their quantitative aspects. Their cultural background is completed thanks to Biochemistry classes: a bridge to understand modern achievements in Molecular Biology.
Furthermore, relevant educational activities are planned to convey all necessary language and computer skills. To draft their final dissertation students are required to spend about two months in a research laboratory. This term can take the form of an internship or a traineeship within industrial research facilities or non-university bodies. All classes involve lectures, numerical exercises and laboratory work.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work as chemical analysts in health and environmental control, product experts, chemistry technicians, laboratory technicians, chemical analysis experts. They can access the Italian state exam for Junior Chemist, hence becoming assistants to specialists in activities relating to Chemistry research or activities requiring the implementation of Chemistry procedures and protocols; they can also deal with the application of defined Chemistry protocols or programmes supervised by a Senior Chemist. They can work at analysis laboratories on environmental and healthcare issues and master basic analytical (qualitative and quantitative) techniques, basic spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques, as well as substance separation and purification methods.
Graduates can also be employed as sales representatives, i.e. provide information on chemicals quality and their proper use, both at commercial and quality control level in corporate validation processes. They can hence work in chemical industries in basic production and marketing.
Graduates can access a Master Degree in Chemistry at Tor Vergata with no further ECTS required.

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Degree Coordinator: Professor Roberto Paolesse

Didactic secretariat: Mrs Paola Blasi
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