Economics and Finance

Bachelor's Degree - School: Economics - Access type: Restricted number of available places

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: L-33 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: Bachelor's Degree
o Duration: 3 years
o Access type: Restricted number of available places
o School: Economics
o Department: Economics and Finance
o Course code:

Description and Teaching Objectives

The Bachelor’s Degree in Economia e Finanza (CLEF) L-33 provides a thorough grounding in economics and finance. The programme examines issues central to the real world: how the economy and financial institutions behave, and how resources are allocated and coordinated.

The Degree is designed for students who wish to train as professional economists and pursue a career in economic research or in public policy at national and international institutions, universities and consulting firms. Our graduates are expected to get positions in banking and finance, consultancy, research and a wide range of other sectors or to be enrolled in MSc programme in Economics and/or Finance in top-ranking universities.

The programme is structured as follows. The first three terms provide the students with the basic courses of Economics, Law, Management, Mathematics and Statistics. From the third term, courses are divided into two tracks, Economics and Financial Markets.

The Economics track is mainly focused on the theoretical and empirical analysis of the economic systems. The courses include applied courses in economics of inequality, economic history, history of economic thought, and public economics, beyond fundamental courses in econometrics and economic policy.

Students enrolled in the Financial Markets track look at theories, models and frameworks in order to understand how managers of financial institutions behave and consider their role in the process of decision-making. The courses include applied courses in economics and financial intermediaries, corporate finance, economics for credit companies, beyond fundamental courses in econometrics and economic policy.

Career Opportunities

The Degree trains graduates who aspire to work in the context of financial markets (i.e. financial institutions and the financial management of enterprises). They are expected to be able to solve managerial, organisational and operational problems in banks, asset management companies, real estate brokerages and insurance companies. They can manage clients, savings, treasury and work as traders, analysts, experts in corporate financial requirements, credit officers, financial planners.

Career opportunities include: financial areas in companies and consulting; freelancers in finance.

Web References and Contacts

Degree Coordinator: Professor Lucia Leonelli

Didactic secretariat: Mrs Zana Belic

Tel. +39 06/72595715