Sciences of the Cultural Heritage

Bachelor's Degree - School: Humanities and Philosophy - Access type: Open with entry skills test

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: L-1
o Course type: Bachelor's Degree
o Duration: 3 years
o Access type: Open with entry skills test
o School: Humanities and Philosophy
o Department: History, Humanities and Society
o Course code: L85

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree provides sound and adequate training on issues regarding Cultural Heritage in the broadest sense and from a chronological cross-cutting viewpoint. It aims at forming graduates with good basic training, adequate language skills and a significant range of historical-humanistic and scientific skills in Archaeology, Arts, Music and Performing Arts.
Students are offered a wide range of disciplines allowing them to acquire methods and in-depth skills in the fields of Classical Art and Archaeological Excavation, Italian and European Art, Medieval and Modern Art, Music, Ethnomusicology, Theatre, Cinema as well as Video and Multimedia Language.
At the end of the course all tools required to operate in activities involving artistic heritage must be mastered, particularly focussing on its conservation and enhancement.
Moreover, training objectives include: acquiring basic knowledge on regulations and administration in the field of cultural heritage to address cultural conservation and dissemination issues in an informed way; basic knowledge on problems of cultural heritage restoration; speaking a foreign language.

Career Opportunities

Thanks to the acquired skills graduates can perform functions at various levels in public and private institutions relating to cultural heritage knowledge, conservation and enhancement. Relevant institutions and areas include: ministries; museums; libraries; theatres; documentary and audio archives; film libraries; public administration; local authorities; cooperatives.
The skills and knowledge provided for by this Degree can be put to use in the production of performances, music events and shows, entertainment and cultural activities in general. The level of knowledge and skills achieved allows graduates to pursue further studies, including the initial preparation for following University Degrees (Master Degree in Archaeology, History of Art and Music and Entertainment), but also in cataloguing, conservation, protection, enhancement and promotion of cultural heritage carrying out middle-level professional tasks within institutions and public and private bodies.

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Degree Coordinator: Professor Serena Facci

Didactic secretariat: Ms Stefania Garofalo
Tel: +39 06 7259.5168