Extensive Courses in Italian Language for Tor Vergata foreign students

The CLICI - Center for Italian Language and Culture of the University of Rome Tor Vergata,  organizes  Extensive Courses in Italian Language and Culture for Tor Vergata foreign students. 

The Courses (60 hours each) will be run from 16th October to 21st December 2017 (1st-semester courses)and from March to June 2018 (2nd-semester courses).

Each course consists of evening lessons.
Courses are free Tor Vergata University students (Erasmus students, Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, PhD students, etc.).

From 15st July to 15th September 2017 (1st-semester courses) and from 21st December 2017 to 28th February 2018 (2nd-semester courses).

All the applying students (except for absolute beginners) are requested to take the placement test which will be held before the start of each course. The placement tests of the 1st semester will start on 11th September 2017.
Students who register in time will be provided with the necessary information about the placement test. Each class will be run only if the minimum number of 15 students for that language level is reached. Therefore, students who register do engage themselves in attending the course: as soon as they receive the confirmation that the Course is going to be run, they have to confirm their participation in the course by e-mail (info.linguaitaliana@uniroma2.itby 7th October 2017 (for the 1st-semester courses) and by 7th March 2018 (for the 2nd-semester courses). 

For further information and registration: info.linguaitaliana@uniroma2.it
www.cla.uniroma2.it CLICI section