Finance and Banking

Master Degree - (English-taught) - School: Economics - Access type: Open with curriculum evaluation

Language: English

General Information

o Class: LM-16
o Course type: Master Degree
o Duration: 2 years
o Access type:  Open with curriculum evaluation
o School: Economics
o Department: Economics and Finance
o Course code: L80                                                        


The Master of Science in Finance and Banking is a full time two-year program in English designed to provide the theoretical and practical skills needed for a successful career in finance.

For a close interaction with our students, we select a small group of highly motivated students. Applicants must have a three-year undergraduate degree: preferences will be given to students with a  degree in Economics, Business, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Engineering , but other background will be also taken into consideration, mostly basing on the student’s motivation.

To integrate theory and practice, we make an extensive use of MATLAB (the high-level computing language developed by MathWorks), we analyze news and market data with Thomson Reuters Datastream and Eikon, and compare investment funds with the Morningstar extensive database.

Students of the MSc in Finance and Banking have the possibility to participate to Dual Degree Programs, spending the second year at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) or the Kozminski University (Poland). Visit our website for further information.

Most of our students finish their studies on time and get their first occupation in banks, trading houses, insurance companies, agencies and institutions. Some of them continue their studies in qualified Ph.D. programs. Meeting with Practitioners are regularly organized to facilitate contacts between our students and job market.

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