The Concert Season at the University of Rome Tor Vergata is Back

Starting on October 21st and ending in April. Concertos at 6pm in the ‘Ennio Morricone’ Auditorium

From October 21st to April 20th the concert season at the University of Rome Tor Vergata counts as much as 21 dates; it is organised by Roma Sinfonietta Association and Musica d'Oggi Association. All concertos are held in the ‘Ennio Morricone’ Auditorium of the School of Humanities and Philosophy in via Columbia 1, always begin at 6pm and target not only the faculty, staff and students of the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ but also the inhabitants of a vast hinterland stretching from Eastern Rome to Castelli Romani.
The programme has a solid core of ‘classical’ music around which many other musical genres revolve - contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, chamber music, cinema music and much more. Hence, the whole variety of musical expressions of our time is captured. The special attention devoted to young people is evident right from the season opening performed by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Conservatory of Florence led by Paolo Ponziano Ciardi’s expert and safe baton.
Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra is engaged in three symphonic concertos dedicated to Baroque, Mozart and Crivelli’s music for Bellocchio’s movies. It also participates in the production of some chamber works of the past and the present: Prima la musica poi le parole by Antonio Salieri, La scuola di guida and Lo scoiattolo in gamba by Nino Rota and Hangjo by Marcello Panni - all directed by Cesare Scarton.
The actor Francesco Pannofino is the narrating voice in Migranti, in which music and words deal with a particularly present and dramatic topic. In the programme dedicated to Tango and cinema you can listen to music created by the greatest tango composers and simultaneously see a pair of talented dancers perform to it, as removing dance from tango means depriving it of much of its charm.
In addition to symphonic music and musical theatre, particular attention is paid to folk and jazz. Piazza Vittorio Orchestra performs music of the Mediterranean, hence demonstrating the close relationship among the people living on its shores in the hope that this will soon be the case once again. Traditional music of the Mediterranean in the concerto by Saletti-Eramo-Coen-Vacca too: Italian artists who are so fond of exotic instruments like oud and bouzouki that they have become skilful performers. Archilocus 5tet performs songs based on classical Greek poets with music by Domenico Guaccero, a composer active in the fields of educated, contemporary classical music and popular music. Marco Siniscalco and Blow Up Percussion invite you for a journey from Bach to Cole and Sting. Gianluca Littera - unparalleled harmonica virtuoso - and his Quartet perform music by Littera himself and jazz standards. Alessandro Carbonare - Claudio Abbado's favourite clarinet - and pianist Monaldo Braconi alternate klezmer to the classics of the 20th century. Another great soloist is Giuseppe Andaloro, one of the most exciting pianists of the younger generation: he will cover four hundred years of music, from the 17th to the 20th century.
Some concertos will be enriched through stimulating presentations by prominent guests, including Nicola Lagioia, winner of Strega Prize 2015 with his novel ’La Ferocia’.

Download the attached programme.