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Teenagers are better behaved and less hedonistic nowadays

Source: The Economist, 10 January

In the rich countries, young people result to be more focused on their studies and the future job prospects and less addicted to substances than in the past also because of their longer expectations of life. Easier family relations and technology protect and isolate them from harmful behaviors as well from deep relations.

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La jeunesse retrouve le goût de l’éloquence

By Marie-Estelle Pech

Source: Le Figaro, 6 January


France rediscovers the rhetoric as a subject of tertiary courses and lifelong learning for managers and employees. They have realized that among the whole knowledge which is available today we haven’t been trained to take the floor, and before the dominant language of technology, we have only to speak well.

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Lessons from ancient Greek coinage

Source: The Economist, 13 December


The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection present an exhibition from 85 ancient coins and artifacts to explore the link between money and both civilization and culture when the currency was tangible and had a human face.

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Cinco siglos después, el mundo necesita otra Reforma

By Xavi Ayén

Source: La Vanguardia, 1 January

 Luther thought inspires 30 scholars of different disciplines gathered within the Hay Festival, a nomad meeting of intellectuals and writers that wonder how to make the planet safe and change the world in its fundamental dimensions, from money to education and research, from the cities to the insuppressible religion.

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