Erasmus Mundus Programme

Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 is a cooperation and mobility programme in the field of higher education for:
Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 is implemented through of the following actions:
Action 1: Erasmus Mundus joint programmes of outstanding quality at masters (Action 1 A) and doctoral (Action 1 B) levels including scholarships/fellowships to participate in these programmes;
Action 2: Erasmus Mundus Partnerships between European and Third Country higher education institutions including scholarships and fellowships for mobility at all academic levels;
Action 3: Promotion of European higher education through projects to enhance the attractiveness of Europe as an educational destination and a centre of excellence at world level.

Students in higher education can receive scholarships for:

• Undergraduate studies (Action 2);
• Masters studies (Actions 1 and 2);
• Doctoral candidates can receive fellowships for:
• Doctoral studies (Actions 1 and 2);
• Post-doctoral studies (Action 2);
• Faculty and researchers can receive fellowships for:
• Teaching and research periods (Actions 1 and 2);
• Other academic staff can receive scholarships / fellowships under Actions 1 and 2

Students, doctoral candidates, teachers, researchers and other academic staff should address their applications directly to the selected Erasmus Mundus masters and doctoral programmes (Action 1) and to the selected Erasmus Mundus partnerships (Action 2), in accordance with the application conditions defined by the selected consortium/partnership
Scholarship amounts can vary according to the level of studies/teaching/research, their duration (3 months to 3 years) and the grantee’s nationality (scholarships for non-EU individuals are higher than for EU individuals).
All the information are published in the EACEA website: 
2 EMMC courses (Action 1) and 3 EM projects (Action 2 - Mobility) are available thanks to the participation of Tor Vergata University to different international HEI consortia.

Azione 1 - Action 1
- MUNDUS URBANO (EMMC) Facoltà di Economia - Master - Faculty of Economics - Specialization Course
- ASTROMUNDUS (EMMC) Facoltà di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali - Laurea magistrale - Faculty of Science - Master Course

Azione 2
TECHNO (only for the mobility from Asia to Europe) - Engineering, Science
TECHNO 2 (only for the mobility from Asia to Europe) - Engineering, Science
NESSIE (for the mobility from and to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan) - Engineering, Science
BEMUNDUS (mobility from Europe to Brasil and vice versa) - Engineering, Science, Education;
IBRASIL (mobility from Europe to Brasil and vice versa) - Engineering, Science, Education;

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