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Foreign Students

The annual fee at the University of Rome Tor Vergata is divided into 3 instalments. The first one is equal across students while the second and third will vary depending on family income (please see the Table below to check the exact amount you should pay calculated with the Italian ISEEU system).

Please note: Students applying and being awarded with Laziodisu scholarship (find out more here) will be exempted from fee payment, and will be required to pay only 16 €. Courses taught in English have an extra-fee, which will be added to the second and the third instalments of the University fees, as follows:






€ 488

November 7th


Fee depending on your family income + 50% of your course extra-fee

March 31st


Fee depending on your family income + 50% of your course extra-fee

June 1st


How to Certify My Family Income?
International Students
Step-by-step procedure:

  • Family Income
    Obtain your family income in your own Country;
  • Translation and Certification
    Bring your family income statement to the Italian Diplomatic Authorities in your home Country and after its approval, have it translated into Italian;
  • Codice Fiscale (Fiscal Code)
    Ask for it to the Italian Diplomatic Authorities in your home country, or once in Italy, go to Agenzia delle Entrate (find the closest office here) to get it.
  • ISEEU Equivalent Certification
    Once in Italy go to CAF* and get your ISEEU Equivalent Certification (you will be required to show your family income, ID and Codice Fiscale). CAF will calculate your ISEE Equivalent Certification and automatically pass it to the University database. You will receive a confirmation email from the University about ISEE reception. This service is free of charge.

*Students must go to CAF agencies which have agreements with the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Please check all these CAF agencies by Postal Code (CAP) or by Town Name (Comune) at:

What if I do not want to certify my family income for privacy reasons?
Students choosing not to declare their family income will be required to pay the maximum amount of the University fees.

How is the 2nd instalment calculated?
The 1st instalment corresponds to a fixed amount of € 488,00, the second one will be automatically computed by the Delphi system according to family income data provided by CAF. If the total amount is higher than € 300, it is possible to split the rate in two instalments.
You can get a simulation of your fees amount here:
http://delphi.uniroma2.it/totem/jsp/simulazioneTasse/sceltaFacolta.jsp selecting your School and Course.