Italian Language Courses for International Students

Starting the 2nd semester a.y. 2021-2022 Tor Vergata offers Italian courses (online/on-site) to all its international students.

In the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022, CLICI is going to provide on-site courses only for some classes of absolute beginners.

The classes for all the other levels and a certain number of classes of absolute beginners are going to be run online and remotely.

The on-site courses (60 hours) consist of 3-hour lessons to be held twice a week in the afternoon.

The online courses include 40 hours in synchronous mode (20 lessons of two hours each, held twice a week on the Zoom platform) + 20 hours in asynchronous mode for a total of 60 hours.

Free courses for Tor Vergata Students

The courses are free for all foreign students enrolled in any course of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.

Registration and placement test

It is possible to register for the first semester courses from 31 December 2021 to 7 February 2022.

  • Students who are absolute beginners in Italian language have to register on CLICI’s platform without taking the placement test. The will be asked to complete a registration form on the platform providing their personal information and to communicate if they prefer to attend the courses on-site or online. In any case, CLICI reserves the right to organize online and on-site classes based on the organizational needs of the Center and the availability of the university classrooms, in accordance with the latest regulations to limit contagion from Covid-19..
  • Students who passed CLICI’s Italian language final exam on 13 or 14 January 2022 have to register on CLICI’s platform without taking the placement test. They will be asked to complete a registration form on the platform providing their personal information and, at the end of the procedure, they will have to select the option “Ho superato l’esame finale di lingua italiana il 13/14 gennaio 2022 – I passed the Italian language final exam on 13/14 January 2022” instead of a date for the placement test.
  • Students who are NOT beginners and who DIDN’T pass or didn’t take CLICI’s Italian language final exam in January 2022 are requested to:
  1. register on the platform filling out the form with their personal information;
  2. choose one of the following dates to take an online interview for the speaking skills assessment:
  • 18 January (4.30 pm – CET)
  • 26 January (4.30 pm – CET)
  • 31 January (4.30 pm – CET)
  • 10 February (4.30 pm – CET)
  • 14 February (4.30 pm – CET)
  • 18 February (2.00 pm – CET)
  1. complete the online placement test that has to be taken remotely between 31 December 2021 and 10 February 2022 and in any case at least 2 days before the online interview. The test is provided on the platform used for the registration ( Further information about the placement test will be available on the platform.

It is possible to book the online interview – which has to take place after completing the placement test – up to a week before the chosen date. However, we recommend to choose the date for the interview as soon as possible, as up to 32 students will be admitted to each session. Students won’t be allowed to take the interview if they haven’t taken the online test at least two days before.

Each class will be run only if the minimum number of 15 students for that language level is reached.

Final exam and certificate

Students enrolled in the online courses have to attend 70% of the 40 hours in synchronous mode and to carry out 70% of the activities in asynchronous mode, in order to obtain the certificate of attendance and to be admitted to the final exam. 

Students enrolled in the on-site courses have to attend 70% of the lessons in order to get the certificate of attendance and to be admitted to the final exam.

Students, who pass the final exam, will receive a final grade certificate. 


The classes’ schedule will be provided by email about one week before the courses’ beginning along with information about how to access lessons on Zoom (online courses) or how to reach the classroom (on-site courses).


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