25 November: Tor Vergata inaugurates a red bench for the 2021 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

An event organised by Tor Vergata's CUG to reaffirm the university's dedication to fighting for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Thursday, 25 November 2021 starting at 9.30 am on the occasion of the 2021 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Tor Vergata's CUG (Single Guarantee Committee) organized an event to disseminate, through different artistic forms, the message to stop gender-based violence and to reaffirm the University's commitment to fighting all forms of violence against women.

The event starting at 9.30 in Tor Vergata University's Rectorare Agora (Via Cracovia 50), will see the inauguration of the red bench, an international symbol of rejection of violence and a permanent space for memory and hope ideally occupied by women who are no longer there.

Theatre, Ballet and Lectures

After the inauguration of the red bench, there will be a theatrical show by the "Clama Cults Association" and the actresses Francesca Arelis Lollobrigida, Rosella Mucci and Claudia Caoduro entitled "Strega sei tu".

Then there will be a dance choreography entitled "Leila", by the ballet company of the Double S Dance Studio directed by Sveva Mattarino.

Finally, a reading by Professor Massimo Papa, professor of Comparative Private Law, dedicated to Afghan women, will close the event.

An event for the university community

The event, open to the entire university community and the territory, will see the presence of the Rector Orazio Schillaci, the President of the VI Municipality Nicola Franco and the President of the VII Municipality Francesco Laddaga.

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ISEEU parificato: instructions and deadlines

The ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) is the tool for assessing, through unified criteria, the economic situation of those who request subsidized social benefits.

International students, who want to access the facilities provided for the right to study, must produce the ISEEU Parificato from a CAF and the related documentation no later than December 17th, 2021.

The documentation must be translated and legalized even in cases no movable or immovable property is owned.

The ISEEU parificato must be sent, along with the translated and legalized documents to the email address caf@uniroma2.it no later than December 17, 2021.

The ISEEU Parificato will be acquired for the recalculation of the installments, after checks on the documentation, starting from 10 January 2022 and no later than 18 February 2022.

LAZIODISCO Scholarship Winners

Also the winners of the LAZIODISCO scholarship are required to submit the ISEEU Parificato and will be subject to checks on what has been declared.

In the event of the scholarship being revoked, the amount of the second installment of the university contribution will be calculated on the basis of the declared income.

Fail to Submit

ISEE All students who do not submit the ISEEU parificato or are unable to produce the documents necessary for the validation of the aforementioned indicator, will be required to pay the fixed annual all-inclusive contribution, “flat tax”, according to the current university tax system.

For more information about the documents you need in order to request the ISEEU parificato visit: Tuition Fees

Liberal Arts in the 21st Century: Future Directions

Teachers, thinkers, educational leaders and social entrepreneurs deliberating dialogically upon the importance of liberal arts education in the 21st century.

WEBINAR: "Liberal Arts in the 21st Century: Future Directions", organised by Elisabetta Marino (Tor Vergata University of Rome) e Bootheina Majoul (University of Carthage).

This one-day online webinar on “Liberal Arts in the 21st Century:Future Directions” aims at bringing together a cross-section of teachers, thinkers, educational leaders and social entrepreneurs to deliberate dialogically upon the importance of liberal arts education in the 21st century.

The event is primarily meant for teachers, students educational leaders to discuss the following themes:

  • Liberal Arts and its changing directions
  • Curriculum design for future Liberal Arts
  • Teaching strategies to overcome existing problems
  • Experiential Learning
  • Internships for learning outside the classrooms
  • Ethos of Liberal Arts

This webinar welcomes scholars and scholars from all over the world, engaged in a reflection on the importance of the humanities in our century. We will discuss the new didactic and methodological trends, on how to face the new challenges that the changing reality places before us, on the important repercussions that our choices as teachers can have on the lives of students.

Event Info

Date: 26 November
Time: 9:30 - 15:30
Location: YouTube channel @unitorvergata

Contacts: globalnetworkofliberalarts@gmail.com

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YUFE Academy - Employees' Wellbeing

An opportunity to learn how different institutions have developed and implemented a wellbeing programme(s) or strategy, from an internal perspective, with the aim of providing inspiration and guidance to others.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new risks to workers' health, both physical and mental. For that reason, YUFE Staff Journey has decided to focus on the theme "Employees' Wellbeing" under the umbrella of the YUFE's second focus area "Citizens' wellbeing".

What to expect?

A series of online lectures, activities and inspiring workshops related to "Employees' Wellbeing", organised by all 10 YUFE academic partners. The topics that will be covered on 1  and 2 December 2021 are:

  • Making Antwerp University an attractive place to work
  • Supporting early career researchers on the institute level - before, during and after the pandemic
  • Mental Health Strategies for Employees
  • Practices that promote work-life balance
  • How we work at Essex: developing people to support the delivery of our strategic ambitions
  • Recovery workshop
  • Mindfulness at Work: Wellbeing of Employees
  • Workers' health in the third millennium
  • Well-being of students, Ph.D. students and employees of NCU in Poland and supporting them by University Centre for Support and Personal Development
  • Measuring wellbeing
  • Multi-location work at the University of Eastern Finland

On the 3rd of December, the University of Essex will chair the Employee's Wellbeing Roundtable. The aim of the event is to share with colleagues how institutions have implemented their wellbeing programmes from an internal perspective, to provide inspiration and advice to other universities.

All interested YUFE students, staff and citizens are invited to participate in this three-day learning experience.

For more details, please see the program here attached and follow the registration link to the event(s) you wish to attend.

Useful Links

YUFE Academy

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The Virtue of Engagement - The first Online YUFE Alumni event

Join us on November 11, 2021 at 4 pm CET on the first Online YUFE Alumni Event YUFE - The Virtue of Engagement and find out more about the role YUFE has in transforming European education area.

YUFE – The Virtue of Engagement

Wondering how you can co-create the European values in education and science? Curious to know how we can respond to the challenges of the contemporary crisis of democracy? 

Join us on November 11, 2021 at 4 pm CET on the first Online YUFE Alumni Event “YUFE – The Virtue of Engagement” and find out more about the role YUFE has in transforming European education area.

 “We live in a challenging time for the European values of democracy and freedom, which questions the European idea of harmony, peace, and enlightenment. 

Freedom and democracy indexes reveal explicit threats to freedom and democracy: we live in a difficult time for human rights and frequently witness attempts to evade the institutions that preserve liberty and democracy. The urgency generated by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has further underlined our society’s vulnerability and distrust in political elites, institutions, and even in science. The present crisis of democracy is correlated with this century’s crisis of enlightenment that displays a budding culture of ignorance and alternative facts, a cult of amateurism, and different forms of radicalism. I endorse all social stakeholders’ heightened intellectual and political responsibility. This responsibility also comprises universities – researchers and students – who need to recognize these challenges and their causes and inaugurate a transformation of the higher education system in tune with international engagement, long-term work, and sustainable futures. European universities such as YUFE have a unique role and the potential to become the bearer of European higher education and research’s transformation.”

To participate in the lecture, register HERE.

Let’s achieve the YUFE vision together – create the impactful University of the future and an innovative and united Europe!

The lecture will be held in English.

See you online!

Vaccination and Green Pass for Students, Teachers and Staff

Tor Vergata University of Rome in accordance with the Policlinico Tor Vergata Hospital offer the opportunity to all students, teachers and staff to obtain their Green Pass through the vaccination hubs.

Dear all,

As you know, in collaboration with the Policlinico Tor Vergata Hospital (PTV) and the PTV - "La Vela" vaccination center, Tor Vergata University of Rome has activated a service dedicated to all students (Italian and international), teachers and technical administrative staff who are yet to obtain their Covid-19 Green Pass certification and who wish to be vaccinated.

Following the publication of the decree law n. 111 of 6 August 2021, which introduced the obligation, starting from 1 September, to present a Green Pass to attend universities, Tor Vergata University wanted to make a concrete contribution to the vaccination campaign and facilitate those who want to join it with this initiative.

We would like to remind that the service is available for all national and international students, teachers and administrative staff.

Furthermore, the Circular of the Ministry of Health in attachment, n° 50269 dated November 4th, 2021, had implemented the opportunity to book the vaccination to all students vaccinated abroad with a vaccine not authorized/recognized by EMA.

All national students resident in Lazio region or outside Lazio region and international students can book the second or third dose at the vaccination Centre “La Vela” every day including the weekend, from 17:30 to 19:30, it will be possible to get the Covid-19 vaccine at the centre PTV - “La Vela di Calatrava” in Tor Vergata, upon registration on the platform exclusively dedicated to our university community.

The following requirements are needed to access the vaccination:

  • Fiscal code;
  • Be in possession of the Health card (Tessera Sanitaria) or its provisional copy, issued by the ASL;
  • Vaccination certificates in case of second or third dosis

How to register

In order to register you should take an appointment by using the following platform: https://uniroma2.startbooking.it- select Prenotazione Vaccino and choose date and time according to the availabilities on the calendar.

Once registered, applicants must show up at the appointment at “La Vela”, in via dell'Archiginnasio, 00133 Rome, bringing the identification document, health card (or the provisional copy) and vaccination certificate describing the type of vaccine, the number of doses, the batch number and the dates of administration.

For further information: welcome@uniroma2.it

Best regards

Welcome Office
Tor Vergata University of Rome