European Job Market Seminars

The Deparment of Economics and Finance of Tor Vergata University launches a series of seminars about the EJM.

Tor Vergata University of Rome's Department of Economics and Finance (School of Economics) is actively involved in the EJM (European Job Market) 2021 and will host the following fly-out seminars in the framework of the European Job Market 2021.


  • January 12 h.2:30pm
    "Group Formation, Mergers, and Overlapping Ownership in Aggregative Games with Information Sharing"
    Eray Cumbul
    Department of Economics and Business Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • January 13 h.2:30pm
    "A behavioural gap in survival beliefs"
    Maddalena Ferranna
    Toulouse School of Economics

  • January 14 h.2:30pm
    "When should we tax firms? Optimal corporate taxation"
    Alaïs Martin-Baillon
    Economics Sciences Po

  • January 17 h.2:30pm
    "A Mediator Approach to Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment; JMP 2: Estimation of Games under No Regret"
    Niccolo Lomys
    Department of Economics University of Mannheim (Universität Mannheim)

  • January 19 h.2:30pm
    "How Should We Design Parental Leave Policies? Evidence from Two Reforms in Italy"
    Valeria Zurla
    Economics Brown University

  • January 21 h.2:30pm
    "The Effect of Trade on Skill Requirements: Evidence from Job Postings"
    Fabrizio Colella
    Department of Economics Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) University of Lausanne (Université de Lausanne)

  • January 24 h.2:30pm
    "Audit Rule Disclosure and Tax Compliance"
    Enrico Di Gregorio
    Kennedy School of Government Harvard University

  • January 26 h.2:30pm
    "Police infrastructure, police performance and crime: evidence from the austerity cuts"
    Elisa Facchetti
    School of Economics and Finance Queen Mary University

  • January 28 h.2:30pm
    "The Cyclicality of Earnings Growth along the Distribution - Causes and Consequences”
    John Kramer
    Institute for International Economic Studies Stockholm University

  • January 31 h.2:30pm
    "Technological Change and Racial Disparities"
    Vittoria Dicandia
    Economics Boston University

  • February 2 h.2:30pm
    "Contagious Dishonesty: Corruption Scandals and Supermarket Theft"
    Giorgio Gulino
    Department of Economics Università di Bologna

  • February 4 h.2:30pm
    "Pulp Friction: The Value of Quantity Contracts in Decentralized Markets"
    Juha Tolvanen
    Economics Princeton University

  • February 7 h.2:30pm
    “Robust and Efficient Inference for Non-Regular Semiparametric Models”
    Adam Lee
    Department of Economics and Business Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • February 9 h.2:30pm
    "Dutch vs. First-Price Auctions with Expectations-Based Loss-Averse Bidders"
    Benjamin Balzer
    Department of Economics University of Mannheim

Full program

Jobs, innovation and rural value chains in the context of climate transition: Bridging the gap between research and policy

The conference is organized by IFAD and Sapienza University of Rome, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Roma Tre University, in collaboration with other Italian research centers and universities.

This conference is a high-level forum intended to bring forth research of the highest academic standards, in collaboration with Italian universities, international academic associations, and international organizations involved in economic and rural development policies. This will help create a collaborative network of researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders, together with civil society representatives.

Small grants (max US$5,000.00) for the best Applied Research Papers presented on IFAD’s targets and mainstreaming themes will be launched.

The conference will create and disseminate new knowledge; encourage collaboration between researchers; facilitate job market opportunities for young researchers; draw upon lessons to design new projects and programmes; and set priorities for future research and policy agenda.

The conference is organized by IFAD and the Department of Social Sciences and Economics of Sapienza University of Rome, the Centre for Economic and International Studies (CEIS) of Tor Vergata University, and the Department of Economics of Roma Tre University, in collaboration with other Italian research centers and universities.

Keynote speakers will be:

  • Joshua Angrist, MIT and 2021 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
  • David Zilberman, UC Berkeley and 2019 Wolf Prize in Agriculture

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