Scholarships for Italian Citizens

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the new yearly call providing for scholarships granted by many foreign Governments and International Organisations to Italian citizens for the academic year 2009-2010. The application must first be submitted online; a hard copy of all documents must follow. All offered scholarships are the result of bilateral agreements between the Italian Government and partner countries in order to facilitate cultural exchanges among nations. Offers vary from country to country according to: type, duration and number of scholarships, application deadlines, student requirements, granted amount of money, etc. There are scholarships for students and graduates, for language training and research projects ranging from a few weeks to whole years and from a few hundred Euros and to substantial funding.
An Application Guideline can be found at:
Any request for further information about overseas scholarships must be addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( or to the Embassies or Institutions listed on the information sheets.