Medicina Solidale: Pope Makes Mobile Medical Unit Available

The issue of migrants is a constant emergency of our time and causes great concern in the Vatican. A further sign of help and compassion by Francis was to provide a mobile medical unit donated by Bavaria to Pope Benedict XVI some years ago and until now restricted to events presided over by the Pontiff. The unit is used to assist refugees and marginalised people in accommodation centres in the outskirts of Rome. The service is maintained by volunteers: physicians, nursing staff, Swiss Guards, as well as employees of the Vatican State, University of Rome Tor Vergata and members of Medicina Solidale Onlus.
‘The Institute of Medicina Solidale supported by the University of Rome Tor Vergata – said the University Rector, Giuseppe Novelli – won the European Citizen Prize 2015 and we are honoured to provide our know-how and our skills for such a noble purpose. The migration emergency affects us all and this initiative fits perfectly with our idea of third mission addressing local areas and hence representing real social innovation’.
‘Thanks to Pope Francis, who has always been on our side in our daily work, this medical unit is a sign of hope for the many marginalised men, women and children living in improvised camps and in the most unknown suburbs of Rome’, said Ms Lucia Ercoli, Chairwoman of the Institute of Medicina Sociale.