Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Course type: 5-year Master Degree - Access type: Restricted number of available places - School: Humanities and Philosophy

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: LMR-02 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: 5-year Master Degree
o Duration: 5 years
o Access type: Restricted number of available places
o School: Humanities and Philosophy
o Department: Philosophy Literature Art
o Course code: M91

Description and Teaching Objectives
The course aims at training graduates who:
- master extensive and specific skills regarding cutting-edge methods and techniques about prevention of physical, chemical and biological damage, as well as conservation and restoration of library and archive heritage;
- master the historical, artistic, scientific and technical knowledge needed for critical evaluations about the state of conservation regarding library and archive heritage;
- have advanced scientific knowledge of materials making up books and documents, their physico-chemical properties and structure, their degradation processes and interactions with their conservation environment;
- have specific skills regarding treatments and interventions to be carried out on materials and their conservation environment to prevent or limit degradation;
- be able to monitor and assess the suitability of conservation environments; organise and manage microclimate control in archives, libraries and other conservation environments of library heritage;
- be able to manage the design and implementation of all steps in recovery, conservation and/or restoration interventions according to the most modern and less invasive methods; this may be done using or coordinating knowledge in different disciplines;
- be able to design diagnostic protocols aimed at analysing and assessing the state of conservation of library heritage and degradation processes in place;
- conduct and promote research regarding the structure and the characteristics of library materials as well as methods and techniques useful to analysis, conservation and restoration;
- promote knowledge of such methods and techniques through a number of educational media both in science and implementation;
- master a thorough knowledge of at least one European language other than Italian.

Career Opportunities

The 5-year Master Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Training course 5: library and archive materials; paper artifacts; photographic, cinematographic and digital materials) trains Master graduates to achieve a profile matching the professional qualification of Restorer of Cultural Heritage pursuant to Article 29 (6 to 9) of Legislative Decree No. 42 of 22nd January 2004 (Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape) and subsequent amendments (Ministerial Decree No 86 (1.1) of 26th May 2009).
Restorers of cultural heritage are professionals who define states of conservation and put in place a series of direct and indirect measures to limit the material degradation processes of heritage and ensure preservation, hence safeguarding their cultural value. To this end, restorers work within the framework of a coherent and coordinated conservation programming. They analyse data about constituent materials, execution techniques, state of heritage conservation and then interpret them; plan and direct relevant interventions; carry out conservation and restoration treatments directly; direct and coordinate other operators working on activities which are complementary to restoration. They also conduct research, testing and teaching projects in the conservation field.

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