Course type: 5-year Master Degree - Access type: Open - School: Law

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: LMG/01 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: 5-year Master Degree
o Duration: 5 years
o Access type: Open
o School: Law
o Department: Private Law
o Course code: C23

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree provides students with a complete and broad training characterised by a harmonious balance between cultural profiles and technical-professional profiles.
Curricula (Private Law, Public Law, Commercial Law and Administrative Law) are consistent with this approach and aim at providing targeted insights in their relevant fields.
Hence, qualified legal operators can be trained, so that they can be competitive at national and European level. The Degree shall convey a number of skills:
- ability to interpret legal rules to solve problems which can be highly complex; - solid historical and systematic reference;
- strong theoretical underpinnings;
- awareness in terms of national Law relating to European and international scenarios;
- drafting a number of legal documents;
- ability to solve cases based on regulatory data, Case Law and legal doctrine;
- language and computer skills.

Career Opportunities
Graduates in Law can work as legal experts in companies or public institutions and access selections for the following professions:
- magistrate: magistrates ascertain and implement prosecution conditions and practices; they administrate criminal, civil, administrative and ecclesiastical justice in all court instances; they control lawfulness, adherence to Acts and regulations of public spending and conduct arbitrations.
- notary: notaries receive and draft legal documents between living individuals as well as last wills; they verify the intentions expressed by the parties to the contract; they check whether agreement and transaction contents are law-abiding.
- lawyer: lawyers represent and protect the interests of individuals and organisations in legal procedures and in all instances of criminal, civil and administrative cases; they draft documents, contracts and provide legal services relating to transactions and deeds between living individuals

Web References and Contacts

Coordinator: Professor Roberto Fiori

Didactic secretariat: Doctor Fabio de Petrillo
Tel: + 39 06 7259 2767