Fight against cancer : 13 Researches at Tor Vergata financed by AIRC

Biology , Systems Medicine and Biomedicine : the fields of three new projects in addition to those already active at the University

The AIRC, Italian Association for Cancer Research, and its Foundation have approved for 2016 over €104 million of funding of 614 programmes and research projects and 91 scholarships that will involve by and large about 5,000 researchers in university laboratories, hospitals and research institutions throughout Italy .

The University of Rome Tor Vergata, with the 13 projects presented by its researchers and funded by AIRC, is among the universities involved in cancer research. Projects, selected through peer review, target multi-disciplinary studies among which pharmacology, diagnostics, clinical studies and «bear witness to the quality and richness of the researches conducted at Tor Vergata in an important area such as the area of cancer research» says the rector of the University, Prof. Giuseppe Novelli.

This year, fundings of three programmes in strategic areas such as Biology, Biomedicine and Experimental Medicine were added to the 10 projects covered in previous years by AIRC. All researches will take place at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The type of funded projects is made up, for the most part, of "Investigator Grant". They are research projects that last three years and are led by established researchers selected for their relevance to cancer, the innovativeness, the feasibility in a three-year term and the potential positive impact on patients. Projects which funding was renewed will be given a "My First AIRC Grant" which will fall under the three-year projects category conducted by researchers under 40.

Below is a list of Tor Vergata researchers involved in projects funded by AIRC or in 5x1000 research programmes

Cecconi Francesco “Investigator Grant”
Cesareni Gianni “Investigator Grant”
Ciriolo Maria Rosa “Investigator Grant”
Graziani Grazia “Investigator Grant”
Helmer-Citterich Manuela “Investigator Grant”
Lo Coco Francesco “Investigator Grant”
Loreni Fabrizio “Investigator Grant”
Melino Gennaro “Investigator Grant”
Piacentini Mauro “Investigator Grant”
Ricci Francesco “My First Airc Grant”
Sette Claudio “Investigator Grant”
Voso Maria Teresa “Investigator Grant”
Melino Gennaro “Estensione 5x1000”