Rector's Address

«Teaching and search for quality, internationalization, inter-disciplinary approach and Third Mission: these are our key words at Tor Vergata: a University that is open to the world, a campus dedicated to ground-breaking training, basic and applied research, invention; a University that pledges to create competence and to give talents value, to support entrepreneurship and professionalism, to create ties with the entrepreneurial fabric, local stakeholders and the civil society to spread culture, ideas and projects.
We choose to nurture a ‘nursery of intelligences’ consisting of many young people who come to Tor Vergata to study and research, as well as to attend training courses in line with market needs. Such courses can build capacity, innovation, sense of initiative and approaches fit to deal with our rapidly changing world - beyond national borders and towards a professional, entrepreneurial future in all fields. Today, this is the University of tomorrow. Studying at our university means building your own future from today.»

Giuseppe Novelli, Rector of the University of Rome Tor Vergata

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