EAIE - European Association International Education

EAIE is a non-profit organisation whose main objectives are the promotion and the advancement of higher education at international level, both in Europe and worldwide. It actively supports professional requirements by entities engaged in international education. It is a member-led organization with more than 1600 professionals in the international education field, including rectors, academics and coordinators of international exchanges. The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” has been a member since 1989. EAIE assists and represents its members.

Professional development is fostered thanks to training opportunities throughout the year, major publications, and providing an important support platform online via EAIE-L and MyEAIE. Furthermore, this happens within a learning and exchange environment where EAIE Annual Conferences can be shared.
EAIE pays particular attention to specific topics relevant to its members through the Professional Sections and Special Interest Groups. The same goes for general issues to be discussed at a high international level.
In 2004 the University of Rome Tor Vergata hosted an international workshop on: ‘Joint Degree: A New European Opportunity’

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