International Students Office

Information for students who wish to enrol in first level degrees, second level degrees, single cycle degrees, masters first and second level

Located at:

University of Rome Tor Vergata
Via Cracovia n.50 – 00133 Rome
Building D – ground floor – room n. 001


Ms Angelina De Benedictis (Head of office)
Ms Ester Vecchio
Mr Fabio Montani

e-mail: international.students@uniroma2.itPhone: +39 06 7259.2567/3231/3233/2566

Office Hours:
Mondays and Fridays: from 9,00 a.m. to 12,00 a.m. 
Wednesdays: from 9,00 a.m. to 12,00 a.m. – 2,00 p.m. to 4,00 p.m. 

For further information check the following link: