Institutional Mission in Qatar

(Last update: 07/12/2019, Published: 07/12/2019, Author: La Redazione Web)


On 17th and 18th February the first institutional mission in Qatar was held. The Rector travelled to Doha on an official visit accompanied by a delegation including Professor Maurizio Talamo, Professor Riccardo Cardilli and Doctor Marina Tesauro. They had been invited by the Italian Embassy to take part in the World International Summit for Health (WISH) and to further meetings with the leaders of Qatar University and Qatar Foundation.

The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) focuses on some of the most pressing and serious global health challenges facing governments, health systems and populations. The Summit brings together internationally renowned experts, who work with advisory groups to publish evidence-based reports on a range of healthcare topics each year.
Chaired by a team of experts drawn from academia, industry and policymaking, the WISH Forums look in depth at the challenges faced in each area – scanning the literature and interviewing experts in the field. The Forum reports present some of the very best innovations that have been shown to have real impact across the developed and developing world.

The 2015 topics included:

  • Communicating complex health messages
  • Delivering affordable cancer care
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Healthcare and Ethics: Genomics
  • Maternal and Newborn Health
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children
  • Patient safety
  • Universal Healthcare Coverage

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