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(Last update: 07/12/2019, Published: 07/12/2019, Author: Scilla Gentili)
Master Degree - School: Humanities and Philosophy - Access type: Open with curricular skills test

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: LM-19 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: Master Degree
o Duration: 2 years
o Access type: Open with curricular skills test
o School: Humanities and Philosophy
o Department: Philosophy, Literature, Art
o Course code: L87

Description And Teaching Objectives
This Degree offers specialised education in the areas of information and communication, with particular reference to the problems of both traditional and digital publishing, textuality (in its different technological forms, in its theoretical statutes and its history), multimedia, digital communication, as well as technical and scientific dissemination.
Moreover, graduates can understand the structure of information and communication systems in Italy and in Europe, as well as the managerial and organisational issues of publishing and multimedia companies, of museums and facilities in charge of the production of artistic, scientific and cultural events. Hence, they can be involved in the many working activities relating to such fields.
In order to acquire such knowledge and skills (and to check them at the same time) internships and traineeships play a crucial role, as they are compulsory for all students.

Career Opportunities
Graduates can mainly work in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) with particular reference to the professions related to books, traditional and online publishing, print and broadcast journalism as press officers, heads of communication and image, content managers for websites, planners of social, cultural, museum, artistic, cinematographic, theatrical and musical events etc. and of the related communication activities.

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