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(Last update: 04/04/2019, Published: 04/04/2019, Author: Scilla Gentili)
Bachelor's Degree (English-taught) School: Engineering - Access type: admission procedures are differentiated and include a curricular skills test

Language: English

General Information

o Class: L-9
o Course type: Bachelor's Degree
o Duration: 3 years
o Access type: admission procedures are differentiated and include a curricular skills test
o School: Engineering
o Department: Industrial Engineering
o Course code: K73

Description and Teaching Objectives
This Degree provides a thorough understanding of methodological and operational aspects of Mathematics, Physics and other basic sciences in order to enable students to interpret and solve typical Engineering problems in Mechanics, Electronics and electromechanical systems in the broadest sense.
The knowledge acquired with a Degree in Engineering Sciences enables students to solve engineering problems through laboratory experiments or numerical simulations, analysing the results as a whole thanks to their knowledge of both Industrial Engineering and Information Engineering.
Degree subjects analyse project issues typical of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics but also of Organisation and Management.
The ability to effectively communicate in English both in writing and orally is acquired during the whole training through papers, ongoing tests, oral exams and the draft of a final dissertation. Moreover, for several classes such training requires the use of specialised texts and scientific publications in English, which can help improve communication skills in international scientific contexts.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Engineering Sciences have overarching skills in Industrial Engineering and Information Engineering which are crucial for applications where Mechanics, Energetics and Electronics play an equal role. They can think primarily in mechanical and electronic terms without neglecting aspects related to Management, Energy and Information Technology.
This Degree provides access to corporations and large companies with international aspirations requiring professionals able to work properly in operational contexts where English is spoken.
Possible professional applications include: mechanical computer-aided design, Electronics, Thermo-Mechanics, Electromechanics, plant management and control, production of goods and services within electromechanical industries and energy production and management, technical and commercial companies, innovation management and supply chain.
Being a Bachelor's Degree, students will typically complete their education with a Master's Degree in Italian or in English.

Web References and Contacts


Coordinator: Professor Roberto Verzicco

Didactic secretariat: Simona Ranieri
Tel.: +39 06 7259 7574


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