Honorary rank of “Docens Turris Virgatae”

As the end of their academic career approaches, the University of Rome Tor Vergata instituted the honorary rank of “Docens Turris Virgatae”, to acknowledge the professional experience and high scientific contribution of the teaching and research staff who holds distinct requisites. Such recognition occurred by resolutions of the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors, respectively, of 16 February 2016 and 23 February 2016.



Prof. Giovanni Arcudi
(Legal medicine)
D.R. n. 720 - 16/03/2016
Prof. Maria Grazia Marciani
D.R. n. 752 - 22/03/2016
Prof. Elisabetta Zuanelli
(Modern language education)
D.R. n. 1080 - 04/05/2016
Prof. Mario Cazzola
(Respiratory diseases)
D.R. n. 1081 - 04/05/2016