International Research Office

The International Research Office of the University of Rome Tor Vergata provides support to the researchers for the participation to research projects co-financed by the European Union and by other International Entities and Organizations during all the phases of the Project cycle: proposal, negotiation, management and reporting.
The main purpose of the office is to support the staff community in order to:
- identify grants and tenders opportunities;
- prepare the proposal;
- submit the application form on the web tools;
- manage the project;
- prepare and submit the reports to the financing authority.
In particular:

• European Commission (websites, documents, application forms);
• International Entities and their research grants and tenders programs;
• Information day (i.e. call launch, thematic seminars, workshops etc.)

Preparation of the project proposal
• Financial issues (the budget);
• Legal issues (Consortium Agreement, Non-disclosure agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Partnership Agreement).

Preparation of a Grant Agreement
• Negotiation of approved grants and tenders agreements with the European Commission and with other International Entities.

Management and reporting:
• Eligibility criteria;
• Supporting documents collecting;
• Audit assistance.

See the specific Regulation on Internation research: Regolamento sulle attività eseguite nell´ambito dei programmi comunitari ed internazionali


  • Ms Francesca Dominici: Head of Office.
    project preparation, negotiation, management, reporting, CUP
    Direct line: +39-06-7259 2226 e-mail:
  • Ms Susanna Eneberg: tenders, NIH, Procedure for the 4% University contribution, CUP
    Direct line: +39-06-7259 2098 e-mail:
  • Ms Raffaella Berardi: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships, project management, immigration, procedure for third-country researchers hosting
    Direct line: +39-06-7259 2669 e-mail:
  • Ms Gabriella Lisi: project management, reporting, CUP
    Direct line: +39-06-7259 2227 e-mail:
  • Mr Danilo Aceto: information, project preparation, negotiation, legal issues, website content
    Direct line: +39-06-7259 2572 e-mail:

The following e-mail address reaches all the staff

Visit the International Research Office website: Ufficio Ricerca Internazionale