Centro Interuniversitario di Ingegneria delle Microonde per Applicazioni Spaziali (MECSA)

Direttore: Prof. Ernesto Limiti

Prof. Ernesto Limiti

Email: limiti@ing.uniroma2.it

Segreteria amministrativa:
Dott.ssa Gabriella Rizzato
tel. +39 0672597750
E-mail: rizzato@ing.uniroma2.it

A consortium of research groups of Marche Polytechnic University, Polytechnic of Turin, University of l'Aquila, University of Bologna, University of Florence, University of Messina, University of Salerno, University of Palermo, University of Rome "Sapienza" University " Tor Vergata" of Rome.

Research threads grouped under the name Microwave Engineering comprehend different cultural areas concerning both applied electromagnetics and electronics. In the scientific world a coordination between various research activities which present similarities in the microwave engineering framework is an ever-growing need. The Microwave Engineering Center for Space Applications has been constituted as a consortium between various Italian Universities, in order to provide this coordination.

Web Site: http://www.mecsa.uniroma2.it/