Centro interdipartimentale Nanoscienze & Nanotecnologie & Strumentazione (NAST)

Direttrice: Prof.ssa Silvia Licoccia

e-mail: centronast@uniroma2.it

The NAST Centre (Nanoscience & Nanotechnology & Innovative Instrumentation) is an interdisciplinary research and training centre for nanoscience and related instrumentation, with strong capabilities in underlying disciplines - such as engineering, material sciences and biomedicine which are bridged by nanotechnology. The centre, built to enable work at the forefront of science and technology, is located at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata. The activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology address fundamental questions in space sciences, cultural heritage, materials, ICT, health care, energy and environment. To accomplish this mission, the NAST Centre integrates highly synergistic research activities such as nanoscale science and nanotechnology, design and development of innovative instrumentation. At present the NAST Centre comprises about 100 researchers from 6 university sites, 3 research institutions and 1 consortium in Italy that form an integrated system. The centre houses a wide range of research equipments and office accommodation for researchers.
The NAST Centre centre offers common areas to promote interaction among staff, long-term research guests, and users. It is equipped with a wide range of specialized tools for synthesis, characterization, integration of hard and soft nanomaterials and for the design and construction of innovative instrumentation.

Sito web: http://centronast.uniroma2.it

Segreteria amministrativa:
Sig.ra Barbara Gallenzi
tel. +39 0672594337