Bando Visiting Professors 2018

- Visiting  2018 finanziati – CdA 23/10/2018 (in allegato)

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VISITING PROFESSOR 2018 Bando per l’attribuzione di incarichi didattici a docenti di elevata qualificazione scientifica, appartenenti stabilmente a Istituzioni universitarie, di ricerca o di alta formazione non italiane per svolgere attività di ricerca e seminariale, a seguito della presentazione di un programma approvato dal Consiglio di Dipartimento di riferimento, all'interno di: corso di laurea o laurea magistrale o del corso di dottorato per un numero complessivo di ore non inferiore a 20

La documentazione è presente in allegato.

Tor Vergata Visiting Professor Program 2018

The Visiting Professor Program call 2018 is now open.

Expiration date for the hosting Departments:  July 19th 2018.

It is addressed to finance highly scientifically qualified visiting professors, permanent faculty member of foreign Universities of research or higher education, in order to carry out teaching activities for a limited period (from a fortnight up to a maximum of three months,for not less than a total of 20 hours.

Teaching activities should occur in our Campus during the academic year 2018/2019 and the first semester of the academic year 2019/2020) in:

  • Bachelor degree courses;
  • Master of Sciences degree courses;
  • one-cycle degree and PhD courses activated at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. 

To access to this Program any candidate should be invited by one of our Departments (link to the departments list: on suggestion of one of our professors or researchers.

Once all the proposals will be selected by the hosting Department, the list of candidates will be forwarded to the Visiting Professor Committee to formulate a ranking of the eligible applications.

The assessment by Visiting Professor Committee will apply the following criteria:

-          Academic profile;

-          Prestige of the institute/University  of the Visiting Professor;

-          Activity plan;

-          Consistency between academic profile and teaching;

-          Strategic importance of the didactic module inside the Course of Study.

As soon as the evaluation will be over, the remainder of the procedure will be managed by the hosting Department.