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The race to reveal antimatter’s secrets

by Elizabeth Gibney

Source:, 2 August

At CERN, six experiments are trying to probe antimatter and to start measuring its fundamental properties and internal structure. Antimatter has so far proved maddeningly identical to matter, and any difference could explain why anything exists at all.

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Premiers pas vers un droit extraterrestre

by Paule Gonzalès

Source: Le Figaro, 31 July

Belgium has promulgated a law taking note of the space conquest. It is a normative similar to the maritime law, based rather on depletion of resources than on property right. Contrary to the American law, the Belgium regime is a protection for companies of any nationality.

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Reprogrammed skin cells shrink brain tumors in mice

by Emma Hiolski

Source: Science, 1 February 


Scientists have developed a method to shrink brain tumors to 2% to 5% in mice, which harnesses stem cells ability to migrate towards tumor cells. Manipulating skin cells, they can produce stem cells to deliver precisely targeted cancer-killing drugs.

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Scientists identify the brain’s Eureka moment

by Ian Johnston

Source: The Independent, 28 July


Experiments to identify in the brain’s functioning the moment when the processing of information becomes evidence suggest that the vast majority of our thought circles below the conscious awareness, opening to biologists issues that were the exclusive reserve of philosophy.

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