Bachelor's Degree - School: Humanities and Philosophy Access type: Open with entry skills test

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: L-5 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: Bachelor's Degree
o Duration: 3 years
o Access type: Open with entry skills test
o School: Humanities and Philosophy
o Department: Philosophy Literature Art
o Course code: H42

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree provides solid understanding of the history of philosophical thought from Antiquity to the present day and some information on current debates in various areas of philosophical research. The curriculum conveys: knowledge of philosophical terminology and philosophical classics, mastery of argumentative techniques, theoretical and methodological tools needed to critically progress in the various fields of philosophical studies; ability to use traditional and electronic bibliographic tools for philosophical studies and related subjects; mastery of at least one European Union language besides Italian to read philosophical texts and to share some general information.
The course encourages active students' participation and classes are completed via seminars, conferences, free meetings in order to compare different opinions. Seven compulsory classes are scheduled during the first two years, covering the three main branches of Philosophy (Theoretical, Moral, Aesthetic) and its historical eras: thus a wide educational basis is conveyed focussing on classical texts and many specific insights. During the third year, three or more classes are chosen out of the many offered for Master Degrees: students can thus enter a more personal and original study phase. Moreover, some further classes linking Philosophy to other cultural fields shall be chosen, e.g. Education, History, Literature, Art, Law, Economics, Anthropology.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can carry out professional tasks in the service and cultural industries, in cultural institutions as well as public and private bodies (study offices, internal relations, press and public relations, culture promotion, adult education, organisation and management of library, archival and documentary materials). Moreover, they can coordinate intercultural relations and social services in a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multi-religious society.

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Coordinator: Prof. Francesco Miano
tel 06 7259 5156

Didactic secretariat: Federico De Donato
Via Columbia 1, 00133 Roma RM (edificio B, stanza I/22)