Sport and Exercise Sciences

Bachelorís Degree - School: Medicine and Surgery - Access type: Restricted number of available places

Language: Italian

General Information

o Class: L-22 (Ministerial Decree No 270 of 2004)
o Course type: Bachelor's Degree
o Duration: 3 years
o Access type: Restricted number of available places
o School: Medicine and Surgery
o Department: Experimental Medicine and Surgery
o Course code: H39

Description and Teaching Objectives

This Degree offers a skill-focused training linked to the understanding, planning, implementation and management of sports and motor activities of educational and adaptive nature. Those are aimed at developing, maintaining and recovering mobility and psychophysical well-being focusing on gender-specific issues.
Such training includes the study of biological basic knowledge about movement and exercise adaptation, sports and motor techniques of preventive, compensatory and adaptive nature. Furthermore, this covers measurement methods and assessment of physical exercise, movement bio-mechanics, useful tools for muscle strengthening as well as the cultural, methodological and psychological tools needed to perform programmes for physical and sports activities for individuals and groups. Moreover, the course addresses the pedagogical, psychological, legal, economic and educational basics to convey technical knowledge but also ethical values and appropriate motivation to promote an active lifestyle.

Career Opportunities
Graduates can carry out professional activities in sports and physical education in public and private facilities, sports organisations, recreational and social associations or gyms. In particular, they can lead, manage and evaluate fitness activities for individuals and groups. Moreover, they know how to operate in favour of information and prevention, planning educational motor activities to develop and maintain mobility and psychophysical well-being.

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Coordinator: Prof. Sergio Bernardini

Didactic secretariat:
Dr Catia Battaglini