Urban Lines

Atac underground red line A and urban lines
Take underground red line A to Anagnina (stop: Anagnina).
From here, Atac urban lines:

  • Line 20 express to: Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Humanities and Philosophy, Medicine and Surgery. Direction: via Cambellotti (Tor Bella Monaca)
  • Line 500 to: Central Administration Building, Law, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery. Last stop: Tor Vergata General Hospital
  • Line 506 to: via V. Vanvitelli (Economics)
  • Line 507: to Grotte Celoni. Other stops: Economics, Medicine and Surgery
  • Line 046 to: via M. Raimondi. Other stops: Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

For further information about Rome underground and urban lines, visit the following web site: www.atac.roma.it