Overseas Programme – Outgoing Students

Publication of Extra-European Mobility Grants Call 2016/17 See attached Call and Form.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers the opportunity to spend one semester at extra-European partner universities under a cooperation agreement framework for teaching and exam purposes.

For further information please contact the Office for International Relations:

Tel. +39 06 72592104/3509 - e-mail: csftorvergata@uniroma2.it

See the attached call and information sheets on partner universities


The student average grade shall be calculated basing on all exam and training activity notes registered in the system before the application deadline. Should they be any particular cases (e.g. exams or training activities already taken but not yet recorded), students shall complete their application with a copy of their academic transcripts and/or certificates issued by foreign universities.

See also the italian page, link: