Enrollment procedures for international students

Students holding a title obtained abroad after passing the admission or evaluation process, if required, can be enrolled in any program reported in our educational offer available at the link:

The first thing to do is getting information about the procedures and the deadline, which may differ for every single program, reported in the respective public calls published in the website:

How to enroll:

The enrollment to Universities in Italy is regulated by ministerial procedures meant to establish different modalities of access for EU or equalized studentsnon-EU students resident in ItalyItalian students with a foreign title and non-EU students resident abroad (Study Visa applicants).

Detailed information published in the ministerial website at the following page:

Check the following sections for information about enrollment modalities to our programs, deadlines, seats available, documentation required:

  • EU and equivalent students, non-EU resident in Italy and Italian citizens with foreign title
  • Non-Eu students resident abroad (students with visa).

For Chinese students of the “Programma Marco Polo”, the enrollment procedures are available in the section “Students – Marco Polo Students”


The University of Rome Tor Vergata provides courses of Italian language for international students.
Find out all the opportunities to improve your knowledge of the Italian language checking the following link: http://www.scuolaiad.it/home-clici-eng