Recognition of Academic Title Obtained Abroad

Pursuant to Act No 148 of 11 July 2002 ratifying and implementing the Lisbon Convention of 11 April 1997 universities are competent as far as recognition of study cycles, study terms abroad and foreign academic qualifications are concerned. Such recognition enables access to higher education, the pursuit of University studies and the award of Italian university degrees. Universities exert this competence within their autonomy and in accordance with relevant rules, unless otherwise stated in bilateral agreements.
A recognition request can be submitted by EU and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy pursuant to Article 39(5) of Legislative Decree No 286 of 1998 and by non-EU citizens resident abroad holding a foreign academic title.
Recognition of foreign academic titles for purposes other than those hereinabove (e.g. open competitions or access to regulated professions) shall be sought with other government administrations. For more information about the recognition process please read carefully the Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence (Cimea) website (

Documents to be submitted

  1. request form with revenue stamp (see attachment below) addressed to the Rector and applying for foreign academic title recognition; the corresponding academic title at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” must be specified;
  2. 2 copies of foreign degree title to be translated and legalised by an Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country of issue and completed with a Declaration of Value;
  3. 2 copies of foreign academic title for which recognition is asked, to be translated and legalised by an Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country of issue and completed with a Declaration of Value;
  4. 2 copies of degree certificate with a list of exams, grades and class hours issued by the foreign university, to be translated and legalized by the competent Italian Embassy or Consulate;
  5. translation of official curricula for all training activities carried out by the students, issued by the foreign university on headed paper and with its original stamp and signature
  6. copy of identity document; copy of residence permit (for non-EU citizens only);
  7. fee payment receipt issued by the Foreign Student Office.

Where to submit your documentation:

EU citizens and legally resident non-EU citizens shall submit their documentation to the Foreign Student Office

Non-EU citizens residing abroad shall submit all documentation to the competent Italian Embassy or Consulate;

Should there be no bilateral agreements on academic title equivalence, the competent Academic Bodies shall rule over the recognition request and grant partial or full recognition (equivalence) of academic titles.
If partial recognition is granted, applicants can skip the first year and enrol in a degree deemed equivalent to the one taken abroad (‘abbreviazione di corso’). Hence, exams can be completed and a final dissertation can possibly be written and discussed. In such case an original copy of all academic documentation must be submitted.
If full recognition is granted, applicants will be awarded an Italian academic qualification corresponding to the one achieved abroad. This process ends once a Rector’s Decree is issued and the competent Academic Body’s decision enters into force. In order to obtain their parchments, students must submit an application to the Foreign Student Office and pay all relevant fees.