IaD School

eLearning School IaD (Istruzione a Distanza)

The IaD School (Scuola Iad) is a scientific, didactic and service structure of Tor Vergata University of Rome and assuring the main methodological and technological skills of online learning or distant education.

The courses and programs are defined by the IaD School Council, chaired by the Magnificent Rector, and composed of tenured professors appointed by the Deans of the Faculties of Economics, Law, Engineering, Humanities and Philosophy, Medicine and Sciences MFN. The Director takes care of the management of the activities and projects of the School and has the responsibility of his Shopping Center.

The IaD School relies on the added value of digital technologies in the field of education and training in order to offer a didactic innovation of scientific and training institutions and to the diffusion of digital culture, which is now indispensable for every educational and professional option.

IaD School‘s multidisciplinary nature of the offered training and the organizational structure makes this a university which is unprecedented in Italy in terms of institutional structure, creative process and growth.

Website: scuolaiad.it 

Email: info@scuolaiad.it

Telephone: +39 06 7259 4881