CUS Tor Vergata - Tor Vergata Sport Centre

Tor Vergata University Sport Centre offers students an opportunity to train and compete in their favorite sports.

CUS Roma Tor Vergata is an amateur sports association for students, administrative and teaching staff that to promotes sport within the university. CUS stands for Centro Universitario Sportivo (University Sport Center) and is the territorial emanation of CUSI (Italian Sports University Center) one of the 15 Sports Promotion Organizations recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee).

CUS Roma Tor Vergata enhances sport as a recognized social right. Collaborate with families, institutions, school facilities. It finances and carries out research and training projects and programs. It produces and disseminates cultural and sports publications.


Website: cusromatorvergata.it

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Facebook: facebook.com/cusromatorvergata

Instagram: instagram.com/custorvergata


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