Calls for Research

The International Research Division aims to strengthen the internationalisation process already carried out by Tor Vergata University of Rome through a series of activities that involve researchers, students and administrative staff.

Research Focus

The major actions focus on:

  • Supporting the cooperation with other universities from countries all over the world; in particular, with South America, Southeast Asia, East Europe by signing Framework Agreements, Dual-Joint Degree Agreements, (more than 300 on-going agreements);
  • Managing mobility programs for professors (Visiting Professors);
  • Managing mobility programs for incoming and outgoing students (Ciência sem fronteiras, Ibrasil, Bemundus, Techno, Astromundus, MAECI scholarships, Overseas mobility and thesis abroad);
  • Promoting the partecipation to European research projects (Horizon2020, ecc.) and supporting the related administrative procedures (18 projects funded by the European Research Council),
  • Being a member of International Networks (YERUN, VIU, UNICA) in order to share best practices, improve international mobility and promoting research projects;
  • Promoting university programs and courses through brochures, websites, social media, fairs;
  • Partecipating and supporting the Italian delegations abroad, as well as the foreign diplomatic offices in Italy, for the promotion of the Italian university