Italian-French University (UIF)

Cultural cooperation between Italy and France
UIF seeks to promote and encourage all forms of cooperation between France and Italy in terms of university education, scientific research and culture. This is done through calls to financially support university courses (1st, 2nd and 3rd level), as well as via mobility and scientific research programmes jointly designed and carried out by universities and research centres in Italy and France.
UIF goals and its many accomplishments fit into an articulated attempt to make culture and knowledge transmission universal. It aims at:
• Strengthening university cooperation between Italy and France focusing on lifelong learning and research
• Promoting the convergence of university systems
• Encouraging double degrees and joint degrees, contributing to the implementation of joint programmes
• Expanding integration processes to other European countries
• Promoting and supporting joint research and lifelong learning programmes
• Encouraging the creation of databases and computer networks between their university systems leading to a single, integrated information system
• Promoting and supporting highly specialised thematic courses and language courses
• Cooperating to achieve quality objectives within university consortia and advanced training schools
• Cooperating with other inter-university consortia on the Mediterranean northern shore
• Cooperating with the Italian-German University, the Université Franco-Allemande, the Réseau Franco-Néerlandais and with French-speaking Switzerland.

Vinci Programme and Galileo Programme

All information, programmes and related calls are available on the following website: