Application Procedure

Follow these steps to apply to Tor Vergata University.

Applications and enrollment at Tor Vergata University of Rome, as for all other public Italian universities, are regulated by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) in accordance with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1. How to Apply

In order to apply to Tor Vergata University of Rome,  there are 3 main steps you need to take to submit your application. First: choose which course you want to apply for. Note that procedures, deadlines and requirements may vary depending on programme/course. Please visit the link below for info on programmes and courses:


2. Application - Assessment

EU / Non-EU students with International Qualification

If you are an EU or  a non-EU student with an international qualification and you wish to apply to a Bachelor's or Master's degree program at  Tor Vergata University of Rome, you can proceed with an online application. The procedure is reported at point 2a and requires you to:

2a. How to Proceed with the Application - Assessment

In order to start your online application you will need to access the Delphi system. Click below to start your application:

Start Application

3. Requirements and Procedures

More precise and detailed information is published on the ministerial website at the page:

In order to finalise the enrollment, your final qualification will have to be accompanied either by a Statement of Comparability issued by the CIMEA (Centro di Informazione sulla Mobilità e le Equivalenze accademiche - Information Centre on Mobility and Academic Equivalences) or by the Declaration of Value issued by the competent Italian Diplomatic Representation for the territory.

Please Note: When submitting a Declaration of Value, Tor Vergata University of Rome reserves the right to request additional documentation.

Given the current circumstances due to the Covid-19, in order to finalize the enrollment we suggest you to request the Statement of Comparability to the CIMEA at the following link:

In the following sections, choosing your category, you will find useful information about how to apply to our courses, deadlines, available places and documents required.

3a. EU students holding a foreign title and non-EU students residing in Italy with a foreign title

This category includes EU citizens (also Italians), Equivalent and non-EU citizens with an Italian resident permit holding a foreign title. Citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Republic of San Marino are considered as Equivalent students; as well as refugees and holders of subsidiary protection status, including staff in service in Diplomatic Representations abroad and in international bodies located in Italy – accredited to the Italian State or the Holy See – and their dependent families (spouse and children).

If you are an EU citizen, or if you are non-EU citizen but you are officially resident in Italy please click below.


3b. Non-EU students Not Resident in Italy

This category includes students with citizenship of a non-EU Country and resident abroad, hence applying for a Study Visa.

If you are an Non-EU applicant, resident abroad please follow the link/button below


3c. Marco Polo Program Chinese Students

If you are Chinese students of the Marco Polo Programme please follow the link below.


3d. Non-EU Citizens Holding an Italian Title

The non-EU citizens holding a title obtained in Italy, access to the University in accordance with the same procedures meant for the Italian citizens (hence with no dedicated quota nor need to sit for the test of Italian language).


To download the attachments go to the content

Non-EU Citizens Holding an Italian Title

Application procedures for International students

Non-EU Students Not Resident in Italy

Application procedures for International students

Marco Polo Program Chinese Students

Application procedures for International students